Vellore Diocese


Diocesan Educational Scholarship for Higher Education  

We are able to educate our boys up to High Schools or College studies. Beyond that, we are not able to educate them for higher technical and professional courses, such as Engineering, Medicine, and other professional courses. Youth are unable to get any job whatever. But many Hindu students, who studied in our institutions, manage to get higher education or a job using their money or influence, or reservation given by Government to SC/ST Hindu Dalits. While Hindu Dalits enjoy these constitutional privileges, our Catholic Dalit youth do not. They are not also eligible to the Central Government aids, scholarships and reservation on account of the Presidential Order of 1950. Due to such a predicament, many of our Catholic youth are reverting back Hinduism. 

As a remedy for this situation, diocese started a scholarship programme ‘Scholarship for Job-Oriented or Technical lines or Higher Studies.  A Scholarship is given to those who are studying professional course, such as Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, ITI, Nursing, etc. Though this amount is not very high to meet all their expenses, still it is an incentive to them to meet their expenses, in some way. 

Welfare of Dalit Children

A special attention and concession is given to the Dalit children and students in the diocesan institutions. Diocesan has made a common policy to give admission to all the Dalit children with maximum concession in the fees. Primary education is given to all the Dalit children with free of cost.

VSSS Educational Scholarship

Every year VSSS collaborate with Diocese and TNBC SC/ST Commission in the distribution of scholarships to our diocesan students.