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Gengapattu Parish

The Mother Parish of Geogapattu is Vettavalam which traces back its history of Christianity to the times of Fr. J. F. Darras. It was in 1930 that Gengapattu was made Independent Paris with Fr. Amaladass as its first Parish Priest. The Parish was vast and had many distant sub stations The early Parish Priests worked bird. Frs, De Gaiter, Nilappana and V. P. Antonysamy contributed their share of the work in putting up Schools. Rouds, Presbytery and evangelizing the substations. In 1969 the Roman Decree attached this Parish to the Diocese of Vellore and Fr. A. T. Thomas took over the reins of the Parish from Fr. VP Antonymy in 1970. He put up new Chapels in the sub stations, renewed the Church and the school and engaged himself in seriocomic development works and projects. The Aloysius Gonzague Sisters of Pondichery entered the Parish and a beautiful Convent was built for them. Teaching, During and caring for the sick are the main works of the sisters. As Fr. A. T. Thomas was transferred to the newly erected Parish of Z. Guddalore is 1975, Fr. Thomas Muthukattil took charge of the Parish, From September 1977. Fr. S. John Bosco is looking after the Parish and is very enthusiastic in his parochial activities. Gengapattu Pariah has a total of 3000 Catholics. The three schools and the Legionaries of the Parish are rendering yeoman Service to the Parish
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Gengapattu Parish
  • Church Name : Our Lady of the Rosary Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Our Lady of Rosary Church, Gengapattu, Via.thandarai, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 804
  • Contact : 9790205421
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Vettavalam Vicariate
Our Lady of the Rosary Church
Fr. Vincent A


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