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According to available tradition, the village of Eleankanny was started by a couple of families who were settlers from other Christian villages in the year 1905, Steadily, the number of settlers increased and today the Catholic population is 4233. The Christians of the first years of settlement, started a small Church for their need. Later on, the same was improved a little to the state as we see today. Anyway, the Church is aging too inadequate. The village of Eleankanny was a substation of Michael Puram Parish till 1933 when the same was made an independent Parish with Fr, J. C. Rajan as the first Parish Priest But this status did not last long. Due to internal quarrels on the basis of caste and other misunderstandings with the priest Fr Rajan left Eleankanny and made her permanent residence at Michaelpuram from 19th Mtch 1956 From then on, the village became a substation to Michaelpuram. Naturally, the care that ought to have been due to a Parish in every respect was sized down. Being a village in the interior area, for removed from the outside world in some way. Eleankanny could not develop itself and so certain vices too were rooted. But on the whole, due to the efforts of some well-meaning elders, the people more or less stood faithful to the priest and Church. A turn in the spiritual, economic and social life took place, when the area was attached to Vellore Diocese in 1969. On 16th March 1970, Fr K. P. Kurian was made the first Pariah Priest of the newly attached area of Eleankanny and other villages. The people were very happy to welcome the priest after a very long absence of a residential Priest. The Diocese of Vellore has done its best to improve this backward area. The Paris Priest wasted no time in the developmental works of the entire Paris Spiritually, the number of faithful who were still black sheep, were well brought back: regular sacramental administration with the help of other priests made a boost in the sacramental life of the Parish. Pious Associations were slowly started in a shying community for such matters. Educationally, a good number of children were sent to different schools and boar Dingt. Many Children were helped financially for their education. Vocations to Priesthood and Sisterhood increased in these years. And it is to the credit of the Parish, that we have already the first priest in the person of Fr. AC. Savarimuthu, there are at present 5 Seminarians and I1 Sisters (A few aspirants included) The parents co-operatiog better, will give more vocations, in this virgin land. Economic progress of the Parish was not at all backward. Through various means and the dioceses loans and help from the philanthropic agencies, the lot of the people is Being improved from day to day. For the medical needs of the Parish and outsiders, medical and missionary) Sisters were brought to work in the Parish. The Sisters Daughters of Mary, Martha and om, started a convent and dispensary on 28-5-72. Though very small beginnings, we are today happy to have a Health Centre with 14 beds and a mobile unit. Warks on the front of Evangelisation was in no way lagging behind. Through inches to non-Christian villages and by means of audio-visual aids, Katha-Kalakshepam practically there are her many villages, which are not visited and the harvest is slowly steadily being prepared. To add to the missionary activities, there is a second Convent endure Congregation, at Thanipadi (non-Christian area) which started functioning on of the a1973, where too social, educational (elementary school is conducted plus Orphanage 1d), and evangelical works are in full vigour because of the untiring works of therefore there. Catechumens are at present being prepared for baptism in four villages, these include caste and harijan communities. Many more are expected to follow suit. The Villages of Eleankanny Parish are well-looked after with regular Masses and administration of other Sacraments. In a few months’ time, we hope to have the area of Perunduraipattu bifurcated as a new Parish, for which, a new Church is being built. Also, It is hoped that Tanipadi area too will be set apart for special attention for evangelical works especially among the caste people, and another priest can work there with fabulous result within a few years. This vast arca has a wide scope of conversion, among all castes of propel. Forti, the work has been so far relentless by the grace of God who is the giver of all gifts-and the girl of conversion above all.
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Eleyankanni Parish
  • Church Name : Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Eleyankanni, Via.Vanapuram, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 753
  • Contact : 9677986987
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Tiruvannamalai Vicariate
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Fr. Charles Jesu Doss A


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