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Chengam Parish (Vincentians)

A short history: Chengani was a part of the Parish of C. Nammiandal till 1974. The Vincentian fathers were involved to fake charge of the Mt. Carmel Parish of Kortampet in 1974, When they started their house at Kortampet, Chengam and its neighbouring villagers were added to the Parish of Kortampet The Church of St. John De Britto at Chengam was solemnly blessed and opened by His Excellency Rt. Rey, R. Anthony Muthu, Bishop of Vellore, on 28th November 1976, la June 1977, the mission stations and villages south of Pudupalu yum separated from the Parish of Kottampet, were formed as a dew Parish, Chengam being its centre. Fr. Xavier Kudian Kuyil V. C.who was then the Parish Priest of Kertumpet wan relieved from there and was appointed as the first Parish Priest of Chengam This De Paris has got a Catholic population of 812 scattered in 35 villages, The Vincentian Congregation: The Vincentian Congregation canonically founded in 1927 at Thottakam in the Archdiocese of Ernakulam, is modelled as the Congregation of the Mission founded by St. Vincent De Paul. The Congregation is now extended over seven dioceses in Kerala, two in Tamilnadu and two in Madhya Pradesh, In 1968 it was raised to the status of Potential Right The main apostolates of the congregation – 1. To preach the gospel to the poor and to help them in their needs. 2. To render co-operation and assistance to the Diocesan Clergy according to their seed 3. To serve the Church by giving retreats and patis missions In the Diocese of Vellore The Vincentians were invited to start a house at Kortampet in the Diocese of Vellore in 1974, and the Parish of Kortampet was entrusted to their care. In order to help the mission work of the Diocese at Chengam area, the Congregation has shifted its house from Kortampet to Chen pam with the approval of the Ordinary. The house at Chengam was blessed and opened by The Most Rev. Luciano Storero, Pro-Nuacie to Indian on 10th October 1977.
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Chengam Parish (Vincentians)
  • Church Name : St. John de Britto Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, St. John De Britto Church, Thukkapet, Chengam, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 709
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  • Run By : Congregation (Vincentians (VC) )
  • Vicariate : Tiruvannamalai Vicariate
St. John de Britto Church
Fr. Alex Valliyamthadathil VC


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