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Kovilur Parish

This Parish dedicated to St. Joseph was erected in 1860 and soon after the Church wis built by the Missionaries of Paris Foreign Mission. There was once a flourishing Catholic community here and this Parish grew and prospered, this is evidenced by the fact that laces like Tirupattur, Jolarpet and Udayendiram, now separate Parishes in Themselves, once formed a part of Koviloor Parish. As North Arcot was taken away from the Archdiocese of Pondicherry and handed over to the Archdiocese of Madras, the French Missionaries, will then. Resident in Koviloor soon had to leave. So, at the insistence of Msgr. Mederlet, it began to be served by the Salesian Fathers from Tirupattur Novitiate We can say that the first salesian Parish Priest of Koviloor was V. Rev Fr. Catreno, S.D.B., the Rector and Novice Master of Tirupattur. When, however, Fr. David, later Bishop of Vellore, came down from Shillong after his ordination in 1934, was made the Parish Priest of Koviloor. Fr. Carreno waithus enabled to pay all his care and attention to the formation of Novices. Fr. David’s stay was stort a little more than a year, and soon he was succeeded by Fr. Natale who in turn was succeeded by fathers Paul, Cozzi and Pajetta, and under their capable hard, the Parish of Koviloor growthy leaps and bounds, As it was found inconvenient to reside in the Parish talc. Due to the lack of residential facilities the fathers used to ga over to Koviloor to say mans and administer sacraments from the house of Tirupattur. But in the course of World war II, as the Italian confreres were deported to the Peral camp in Dehra Dun, Fr. A. Joseph, D 1. Was appointed Parish Priest of Koviloor and he looked after the needs of the parishioners. 1 remaining always in Tirupattur. But in 1945 His Grace Mgr. L. Mathias, D. Appointed It. P. C. Thomas, a diocesan priest, to the Parish of Koviloor. He remained in Kovitoor for two years having to leave that post in 1947 as he was led by s own Bishop to Trivandrum. So the Parish was once again entrusted to the Salesians and Fr. Castelli, snn., was appointed Parish Priest It Was only Fr. S. Lazar, S.D.B. who took the moment step of persuading the superior to let him stay in Koviloor itself so that it would be easier for him to look after the spiritual welfare of the parishioners in a more effective way. After a long and fruitful study for five years in Koviloor, Fr. Lazar was called away in 1955 to hold the most responsible post of Chancellor of the Diocese. Rev. Fr. Cyril D’Soura, S.D.B., seconded him. In 1956 Fr. Antonisamy was appointed Parish Priest and he kept on the poor work till his transfer in June 1957. In 1957, Fr. A. Maria Arul, S.D.B, was appointed Parish Priest. After a solid and substantial work for eight years, he was transferred to Chethupattu and his place was filed in by Fr. Augustine, S.D.B. for almost one year, In May 24, 1966, Fr. M. Adaikalasamy, D. From Chingleput took charge of the Parish in the place of Fr. Augustine. Fr. Maria Aral and Fr Lourdu Nathan rendered a very good service to the flock of Koviloor and crouched it in all ways. In 1973, during the tenure of Fr. Lourdonathan, the sisters of St. Anne of Trichy were invited to stablish a Convent cum dispensary. In 1976. Fr. Maria Arul built the dispensary. Fr. V. G. Mathew succeeded Fr. A. Maria Arul in June 1977. Today, this carefully nourished Parish of Koviloor caters to the spiritual needs of about 2000 souls living in the centre and in the 4 sub-stations.
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Kovilur Parish
  • Church Name : St. Joseph Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, St. Joseph Church,Koviloor - 635 602,Pudukottai Post,Vellore Dt
  • Contact : 6383708993
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Tirupattur Vicariate
St. Joseph Church
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