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Veeralur Parish (Salesians)

Till 1969. Veeralur and all its sub-stations were under Polur Parish On 16th June, 1969, it was erected as a separate Parish and Fr. V. Villanova N.D., took charge of it, after his very fruitful work in Polur Parish for about twenty years. As who knew too well the needs of this newly erected Paris, be set to work with a plan. First be put up a decent Presbytery (1970 The followed the Chapels in the following substations: Yelluparai (29 1971), Gengavaram (4-6-1971). Periapalayam (1974), Kettavarumpaluyam 5-3-1977) and Siruvellur (27-12-1977). Besides these, lie bas put up also two small Chapel at Adamangalam and Navapalayam. The Dispensary cum Reading Room pat up by him (11-2–77, is of great help to the people of Adamangalam and its surrounding villages The Salesian Sisters from Polur go to this place once in a week to displease medicines. He is constructing two more Chapels in the remaining substations. Master plan to put up a decent Church at Veeralur itself He has a while constructing the Chapels for worship and doing manifold social works, he has not forgotten about the spiritual uplift of the people. When he took charge of the Paris, tailrace were hardly 700 Catholics. Today due to his untiring cadavers there are more than 1500 Catalos Above all he has touched the hearts of thousands In the course of time. We Can hope that many will embrace the True Faith. To train the simple people in Lay Apostolate, he has started many Association at present the Parish has Catholic Action, Our Lady Sodality, Eucharistic Crusade and Sacred Heart League,
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Veeralur Parish (Salesians)
  • Church Name : St. Antony Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, St. Antony Church, Veeralur, Via. Adamangalam, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 901
  • Contact :
  • Run By : Congregation (Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) )
  • Vicariate : Polur Vicariate
St. Antony Church
Fr. Charles Stephen, SDB


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