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Tirumalai was a substation of Path In varam, in 1960, it was decided that a Church he built there. Fr. P. J Xavier was put in charge of building it. He was going 10 Tirumalai from Pathivaram and looking after the construction of the Church. The presbytery at Tirumalai was also constructed at the same time. When the construction was over, Tirumalai was made a Parish on 15-8 -1964, merging into it 2 sub-stations from Polur, namely, Karikathar and Vadamadimangalum, and 3 sub-stations from Pathavaram, namely, Sadupperi, Gudalore and Arumbalut Later on Ogur was converted and so, at present, there are 6 sub-stations, where the Catholio population is in a considerable number, The Purish bas 3 schools and a total Catholic population of 2,241. The asst Parish Priest, Fr. P. J. Xavier was succeeded by Rev. Frs, K. P. Kurian, P.L. Thomas, A. Jolin Xavier and A. Maria Michael, the last named being the present Parish Priest In 1973, The Little Flower Convent in Tirumalai was started in a thatched shed with 4 Sisters from St Anne’s Convent, Tiruchirapalli. On 12-1-1975, the present Convent building was blessed and opened. On 29-9-1977, new Chapels at Ogur and Arumbalur were blessed and opened.
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Thirumalai Parish
  • Church Name : St. Dominic Savio Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, St. Dominic Savio Church, Thirumalai, Via. Vadamathimangalam, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 907
  • Contact : 9786801570
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Polur Vicariate
St. Dominic Savio Church
Fr. Arockia Raj D


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