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Polur Parish (Salesians)

Sacred Heart Parish, Polur, is getting ripe to celebrate its centenary in 1979. The first marriage in Polur was blessed on 19th July, 1879, by Pr. Marie Arokianathar. It was frequently told by Mr. Gnanasamy, the late famous exoticist, 100 of Lazar techiest of Fr. Francis Darras, that thousands were baptised by Fr. Darras fram the villages of Pulivanandal, Alampoondi, Aliyalamangalam, Padhaham ot,, which are still in Pour Parish. In those days, Mr. Gnanasamy was the altar boy of Fr. Darras, In Pada ham, drinking water well was dog by Fr. Darras for the use of the Harijans, audio is il in me. In 1884. Fr. G. Varchery took charge of this Parish, with its many sub-stations, which are now separated into Parises. He was followed by other French Missionaries Frs. IN. Foloured, M Cadelho, L, Leblance, Margie and Gourain. The morial remaina of the last two are in Polur. Fr. Monchaley built Charchio Polur, which is now used a call rooms, and a few Chapels in the villages. On 11-1-1930, His Grace, the Most Rev. Mederlet, S.D.B., of happy memory, administered a baptism in Polur. Were he had his summer holiday house, which is still in use. This Parish was entrusted to the Salesians in 1930, when Fr. Natale became the Parish Priest. In 1928, the Salesian Sisters established an orphanage in Polur. Fr. Nitale was followed by Fr. Dabove, Fr. S. David, the late Bishop, and Fr. G. Scagnetti. During the World War II. Fr. J. B. D’Souza and Fr. D. Maria Joseph (St.) continued the work, After the war. Fr. F. Cozzie, S.D.B. of happy memory, nicknamed Jocular”. Took up this Paris, expanded is work and introduced the Passion Play and other activities. Fr. V. Villanova, S.D.B. An assistant of Fr Cozzie, succeeded him in 1949 and worked wonders. His aims were many to provide education to children, to bring souls to the True Fold. To build beautiful Church at Polur, to construct Chapels in the villages, to donate house-sites to the poor, to rehabilitate the landless and to help the poor and needy in all possible ways in all these, he succeeded, with the able assistance of Fr. Zola, Fr. Martin, Fr. C. C, George, of happy memory, Ft M. Arokiasamy, the present manager of R. C. M, Schools, Fr. D. Maria Joseple, the present Chancellor of Vellore Diocese, and Fr. Kurian. In 1965, Fr. Villanova, with the assistance of Fr. Zola, constructed the beautiful Church of Sacred Heart in Polur. In 1969, Fr. Villanova left Polur leaving it under the care of the Diocesan Priests. Fr. Aloysius Fernandez worked for two years, while Fr. K. O. Abraham worked for a year. After this short interval this Parish was again entrusted to the Salesians, and in 1976, this became a permanent Salesian Parish. At present Ft. Gain pragasam and Fr. Julius Martin are working here. His Excellency, Rt. Rev. R. Antony Muthu, has built a beautiful Church and a clinic at Semiamangalam, where the Salesian Sisters go once a week to dispense medicines. Two more now Chapels were built by the Priests working here at Periagaram and Randham the Salesian Sisters are running a Tailoring section for the girls, a Clinic, a Creche and Oratories At present, there are 4,548 Catholics scattered in Polur and 25 sub-stations. In the Parish, there are Legion of Mary, a Sodality for mothers. Don Bosco Youth Centre, Teachers Association, Catholic Association, Salesian Co-operators, a Home for the needy children called “Oli Ilam” and a mobile film unit for Evangelisation with the assistance of 2 trained catechists. There are 2 Primary schools and a Middle school.
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  • Parish Name : Polur Parish (Salesians)
  • Church Name : Sacred Heart Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Polur, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 803
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  • Run By : Congregation (Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) )
  • Vicariate : Polur Vicariate
Sacred Heart Church
Rev.Fr. Sebastian Francis, SDB


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