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The great missionary, Fr. J F. Darras, was the first to step in Thachumbady to preach the Word of God, In the year 1900, there was trouble between the caste and non-caste people in the matter of utilising the lake water for irrigation at Thuchambady, knowing well that the white guru would do justice, a prop of oppressed people, led by troche who was doing the job of Thalaiari “. Went to Chettupattu and took Fr. Darras to the human body. He pitched big tent in the cremation ground, which is the Church area now. He sent word to the then Thsildar, Gentamy a Christian, who went immediately and settled the case. This was the turning point of the oppressed people to get baptized by Fr, Darras. Fr. Colas (later, Archbishop of Pondicherry) who was the assistant of Fr. Darras, had 150 acres of land at Thachambady. The patta is still in his name. He gave the land to the people, During World War I. Fr. S. Paul, called Chinnappanathut, looked after Thichambady from Kolappalur. He started a school at Thechambady. Fr. Colas built the Church at Thachumbady in 1924. Archbishop Louis Mathias extended the Church. Without changing its style in the year 1950. Fr. A. Fernandes was appointed as the first Parish Priest to the newly created Parish of Thachambady on 15-1 1950. He was succeeded by Fr. Chacko Perumaneer, Chacko Edampadam, A. Nambikairaj, D. Muria Joseph and A. Amirthanathan. There are 3,035 Catholic in the Parith, which has 8 sub-stations There are 5 schools in the Parish and also a dispensary at Devikapuram run by Cluny Sisters. The following are the important buildings constructed in the Parish over the years 1923- Athurai Chapel 1940 – Karipur hill Chapel 1956 – Thachambady School 1956 – Devigapuram School 1957 – Athural School 1958 – Murugamangalam achool 1959 – Mudalyur Chapel 1964 – Deviamangalam Chapel 1964 Kulakkaravadi Chapel 1977 – Karipur Chapel 1978 Holy Trinity Church at Devigapuram
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Thachambady Parish
  • Church Name : Our Lady of Fatima Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Our Lady of Fatima Church, Thachambadi, Via. Devigapuram, Polur TK, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 606 902,
  • Contact : 9443128034
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Chetpet Vicariate
Our Lady of Fatima Church
Fr. Kuriakose Kariakatt V


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