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Melpudupakkam Parish

Around the year 1890, Fr. J. F. Darras and his colleague Fr. Millard of Paris Foreign Mission Society converted a bulk of people of Melpudupakkam and its surrounding villages. Ft. Duca, S.D.B., who looked after Aini Parish (1950-53) put up the present Church at Melpudupakkam in 1953. After the erection of the Diocese of Vellore, though there have been two prices at Ari, Pudupakkam and its surrounding villages could be attended properly due to the vastness of the whole Parish. So, on 14th December 1974 Melpudupakkam with its sub-stations, namely, Randham, Chenganavaram, Ladappady. Air Mangalam, Vellamby, Melapandal, Mambakkam, Paris Mangalam, Mamandur ete, was etected as a new Parish, At the time of the erection, the Catholic population was 1550, Fr. Joseph P. Cheruvil was appointed as its first Parish Priest. He improved the Prial’s house, put up a Chapel at Melpudupakkam which was blessed on 18-11-1975 and will many social work projects he tried to ameliorate the economic conditions of the prosperity Ft. Andreas Pathi who succeeded him in June 1976. Continuing the work of his predecessor. Trion to improve the condition of his prisoners recently he put up a decent Chapel at Randham-Katur and making full use of the Minion Camp by the seminarians during summer holidays he takes the Good News of Christ to all the village of his Parish, It is heartening to note that already twenty families of Pennagar have been christened and it is hoped many more families of Pennagar and other villages will follow Them,
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Melpudupakkam Parish
  • Church Name : Sacred Heart Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Melpudupakkam, Via. Valandapal, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 632 318
  • Contact : 9677570954
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Chetpet Vicariate
Sacred Heart Church
Fr. Anandaraj A


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