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This Roman Catholic Mission of Arni at first comprised the whole of Arni Taluk, with seven villages belonging to Polur Taluk, Two villages of Vandavasi Taluk, One village of Cheyyar Taluk and one village of Walaja Taluk. In the beginning of 1956, the village of Santhavasal with six other villages were taken away from Arni, and formed into separate Parish of Santhavasal a In August of the same year, three villages of Ranipet Parish were handed over to Arni Parish. Then again on 14 th December 1974, Melpudupakkam with I3 villages wan aparated and erected as a new Parish. At present Arni Parish has, within its limits, souls oumbering over two lakhs, of whom only 2.000 ate Catholics, spread over a vast area. It is not possible to write the history of this Mission in full, as the available historical records were destroyed at the time of general cleaning of the house, when Fr. Codello was the Paris Priest. Sri M. Papu from Arni, and Sri Swaminatha Mudaliar from Senate lad read such records and had hard their old Catechist commenting on the early life of the Mission. Herein we give in brief the information we have gathered from the start of this Mission (1) Rev. Fr. F. Claus Millard 1885 - 1910 (2) Rev. Fr D’Quitte 1910 - 1920 (3) Rev. Fr. Chinna Durrat 1920 (4) Rev. Fr. Charles 1921 (5) Rev. Fr. Gravers 1922 - 1930 (6) Rev. Fr. Piano 1930 - 1933 (7) Rev. Fr. Fossati 1933 - 1936 (8) Rev. Fr. Albertini 1936 (This Priest managed the Parish for a few months while he was parish priest at Pathiavatam) (9) Rev. Fr. Franca 1936-1945 (10) Rev. Fr. E. Dabove 1945-1947 (11) Rev. Fr, Ladislaus 1947 (12) Rev. Fr. A. M. Deutsch 1947-1949 (13) Rev, Fr. Duca 1950-1953 (14) Rev. Fr. Codello 1953-1954 (15) Eev. Fr. Nicoletto 1954-1956 (16) Rev. Fr. Hickman 1956-1964 (17) Rev. Fr. Peter Mathew 1964-1970 (18) Rev. Fr. Gaanam C. 1970-1972 (19) Rev. Fr. Peter Mathew 1972-1976 (20) Rev. Fr. Amalraj S.J. 1976- Earlier to 1884, we hear of a Chapel at Pudboor (Now belonging to Santhavasal Parish) acted pear the grave of a certain Army Officer who had died there. The soldiers stationed at the Fort at Kilarai put up a Chapel with bamboo-roof, exactly at the same spot where the present Parini Church standi. Occasionally one Fr. Maria Pragasam used to come here to say Mass for the soldiers. It was at the time when Rev. Fr. Darras known as the Apostle of North Arcot Fst, up his residence at Chettupattu. That Fr. Millad whose Geneve stone we possess (born in 1860, ordained in 1884 and died in 1910) began to work as Parish Priest of Ani Mission trendy in 1885. When Fr. Darras was moving about everywhere. Fr. Millard appears to have been working with him For, Millard started with local conversion of the three Families. Then they bad group conversions at Vellamby, Sennathur. Ayitamangalam, Hambakkam, Mel Pudupakkam. Random etc, Fr. Millard put up the prestart presbytery with the stones bought at an auction of a rest-house at Arnipalayam. Fr. D’Quitte put up a dispensary at Arai and had St. Joseph’s Cluny Sister from Karaikal to look after it, since people he suffered a lot due to a cyclone; Fr. D’Quitte was looking after a very vast area from Nammiandal to Arkonam. Fr. Gravers pul up a Chapel at Randam Korattur and renovated the Parish Church here with a led roof. In 1930, be handed over the Mission to the Sales the French Missionaries want about doing their mission work, mostly on horseback The school orphanage and a dispen- sury conducted by the sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny was handed over to the Daughters M y Help of Christians in 1928, when North Arcot District was entrusted to the Salesians. The first Salesian Parish Priest, Fr. Pisano, took up his residence here only in 1930, Fr. D. Fossati personally visited every village, administered sacraments, streamlined the running of schools. It is he who built up schools at Sennathur and Nessal. During Pr. Franck’s time, the Parish was well-organized. He put up a strong cool building at Arni. Fr. Dave built a strong compound wall in the southern side. He had an espier entail farm to help poor Christians here. He started building Chapels at Ladappudy and Ramanathapuram. Fr. A M. Deutsch built St. Joseph’s Church at Melannur. A separate Building was put up for Mat-making and weaving. Fr. Duca built the Church at Pudupakkam. The weaving centre was in ful wing at Arni. He started building some houses in the church-land for the poor. Fr. Codello brought some land in our compound under cultivation. Fr. Nicoletto built the Lourdes Grotto at Arni and the Chapel at Pungambadi. He brought to Faith about 30 families Pattoor. Fr. Hickman, in his eight years as the Parish Priest, put up eight Churches in different places. A vast improvement could be visible in every direction. Fr. Peter Mathew who was twice Parish Priest of Arni has brought in new Liturgical renewal into religious life of the people. The Oratory work for the children of the locality on Sundays and Festival days was is fall swing. A Parish Board was established at the centre, with its branches in every village. There are to work with the Parish Priest for the betterment of the Parish Every month people were made to give quarter of a rupee as their subscription for the Parish The credit of putting up a beautiful presbytery which was blessed on 10-11-1975, goes to Fr. Peter Mathew, Altar his transfer Fr. S. Amalraj S. J. is serving the Parish.
  • Parish Details
  • Parish Name : Arni Parish
  • Church Name : Our Lady of Presentation Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Lady of Presentation Church, Karthikeyan Road, Arni, Tiruvannamalai Dt - 632 301
  • Contact : 9444333027
  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Chetpet Vicariate
Our Lady of Presentation Church
Fr. Roy Lazar A


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