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Arakkonam Parish

The 17th century brought the beginning of Christianity to this mission. The small Chapel dedicated to Mother Dolorosa is a witness thereof. The present history commencer from the time of Fr. K. Joseph who constructed the present Parish Church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1921. After Fr. Joseph came Fr. M. Xavier Thomas and Hayes ach in turn guiding the destinies of the Parish. Rev, Fr. Ter Berk of the Mill-Hill fathers, renovated the Church und founded many of the present existing Parish Associations, He was the first to start the Redemptorist Missions. Msgr. J. Pathet’s time saw a spiritual renewal. In the year 1953, Arkonam that was under the Archdiocese of Madras came to be a part of Vellore, the new Diocese. V. Rev. Fr. S. T. Ignatius, the present Vicar General of the Diocese, took over the Parish from Msgr. J. Puthet and began constructing the Grotto. It was he who brought in the Bon Secours Sisters to establish their Convent cum School. Msgr. Menezen and after him Fr. Thomas George renovated the Church. The latter Extended the Church and used the Double Decker extension for various activities of the Parish, bad renewed the Rectory too. Fr. Y.L Abraham and the present Parish Priest V. Rev. Fr. Fernandes and the many assistants are all praiseworthy for the contributions of their efforts to this Parish to make it, spiritually and socially, a real Parish among the other Parishes, Today, the Parish, totalling 3500 Catholics, is beehive of activity with the Monastery and the Sisters giving a helping hand to the initiatives of the Parish Priest, With the exception of Urturkuppum village, a separate Parish, the whole of Arkonam civil taluk is Arakkonam Ecclesiastical Parish.
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  • Parish Name : Arakkonam Parish
  • Church Name : Sacred Heart Church
  • Post : Rev Fr. Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Arakkonam, Ranipet Dt - 631 001
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  • Run By : Diocesan
  • Vicariate : Arakkonam Vicariate
Sacred Heart Church
Fr. Anandaraj S M


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